„PharmaCampus“ at the Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster



  1. Rail calculations for paths with pipes up to 76.7 kg/m with BIS RapidStrut® Double, complemented by fastening products such as beam clamps, U-straps, butterfly and hex nuts, threaded rods and BIS heavyduty clamps HD1501.




  1. Custom-made cross slide mounting: A sliding plate on a BIS RapidStrut® Fixing Rail combined with "normal" BIS Expansion Devices and supplemented by BIS Washers (U-shaped) and a threaded pipe as a spacer. 12 pieces of these special solutions, and 365 pieces of the BIS Expansion Devices including anchors supplied Walraven.




  1. Custom-made cold clamps with load distribution plates from the HD1501 program of Walraven.




  1. F90 fire fighting section: From the theoretical planning on paper over a factory test setup with pipe clamps as "pipe dummies" to assembly, Walraven supported the realization of the brand foreclosure. It was carried out with BIS Pacifyre ® M and BIS Pacifyre® IWM III Fire Strip.



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