Walraven fixing rail accessories awarded RAL quality marks

Safe combination

BIS RapidStrut® for securing heavy pipes and BIS RapidRail® fixing rails for securing light pipes from Walraven bear the quality mark in accordance with RAL-GZ 655/C. BIS RapidRail® fixing rail accessories are now tested and quality assured in accordance with RAL-GZ 655/D.

Rapidly installed and easy to use fixing rail systems simplify the installation of pipes and ventilation ducts. Certified by the RAL Quality Assurance Association for pipe supports, the technical standard and quality have been confirmed by an independent test institute and are regularly inspected by an external institute. Voluntarily inspected products guarantee planners and installers safety through comparable maximum load-bearing values. These are determined by a test procedure developed by the RAL Quality Assurance Association.

BIS RapidRail® Hammerfix with female thread and BIS RapidRail® with ball swivel hangers fix pipe clamps quickly to fixing rails. BIS RapidRail® X-connectors, T-connectors, 90° and 135° connectors as well as cross connectors facilitate complex rail constructions. They fulfil as equally as the BIS RapidRail® suspension bracket and many pipe clamps from Walraven the requirements of the respective parts of the quality assurance standard RAL-GZ 655. Reliable load-bearing values determined according to standardised test procedures promote transparent planning and secure installation of pipe supports.

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